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With no internet and zero hardware changes needed-- modernize your multi-family intercom system for a fraction of the cost of traditional intercoms.

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Intercom Issues?

For multi-family phone-based intercoms, DropBy is a revolutionary software-only solution that empowers building management to effectively support existing intercom systems by providing security monitoring, dashboard analytics, and remote access -- zero hardware upgrades, or internet required.

DropBy Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

DropBy provides detailed logs of each entry, receives real-time event notifications, and maintains a record of who is coming and going through your buildings.

Zero Hardware

Without changing any hardware, gain access to all of our features. This includes increased security and our analytics dashboard so you know who has entered your building 24/7.

Reduced Cost

Resident turn-over? Reprogramming the intercom becomes a matter of a few clicks through our easy-to-use dashboard. No need to go to the box to manually add or delete tenants.