About us

The DropBy team has over 100 years of combined experience building and deploying, innovative real world software solutions, security systems, and managing 1000+ building units -- all passionate about bringing a new era to building management access and security. They have worked for years trying to advance the intercom system without recreating it; In their drive they developed a new way to convert hardware to software without any infrastructure upgrades.

Who We Are

Our Story
We are a blended team of data security architects, software innovators, real estate investors, and property management operators who are passionate about finding ways to make property access as seamless as possible. We came together to pioneer solutions for a simple and secure building access platform that is a fraction of the cost.

Our Mission
We aim to offer a cost effective, simple, and secure solution that modernizes intercom systems for multifamily buildings that makes property management easy, seamless, and scalable.

Mailing Address
1290 Howard Ave Suite 309
Burlingame, CA 94010